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Grill Charms Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitch stainless steel gadget for cooking meats to the perfect temperature
EntrepreneurLeslie Haywood
Asked For $50,000 for 25%
Deal $50,000 for 25%
SharkRobert Herjavec
StatusAcquired, Out of Business

Company Background

What is Grill Charms?

Grill Charms Is a barbeque accessory that is meant to help people avoid grilled meat confusion at dinner tables. These are metallic charms made of stainless steel that cooks use to label meat before grilling to remind them how to prepare meat based on individual preferences. Tagging helps avoid any mix-up.

Who Owns Grill Charms?

Before she invented Grill charms, Leslie Haywood was a stay at home mother of two daughters. Leslie turned a problem into a business opportunity which would later earn her a lot of money. Today she’s the president of Charmed Life Products.

Founder’s Story

Leslie Haywood was a stay at home mom before starting the Grill Charm business. She got idea of tagging meat after her husband gave her the wrong piece of grilled meat at a family dinner party. He couldn’t tell the difference between the spicy meat and the less spicy one.

She knew someone had to do something about it, so she came up with grill charms in order to help people avoid such mix ups In the future. At the start up phase of her company, she had no prior experience in business. Leslie pursued her vision regardless. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This didn’t stop her either as she still managed to launch her invention on store shelves within a 18 months.

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