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Paul Watts, a former city worker, is the founder and owner of Graffiti Removal Services. Paul established the company after an afternoon of community service. He found inspiration from the satisfaction workers got removing graffiti from walls and light poles around their neighborhood. As a worker in the City of Sacramento, Paul had a passion for painting and painted light poles. He was disappointed by the graffiti on the bars, which moved him to start a business that would solely deal with removing the graffiti from the poles and other buildings. He noted how the graffiti lowered the real estate value, and he felt the need to invest in the same and deal with the issue fast.

His Graffiti Removal Services mobile franchise would be portable. He needed a truck and products that were friendly to the environment to help remove the graffiti across different cities. Paul was passionate about the franchise and planned on selling the idea to other entrepreneurs, empowering them to set up their businesses. He was confident in his franchise that would offer quality and affordable solutions for graffiti in towns and municipalities. Working in Sacramento’s city granted Paul immense experiences, combined with his passion for bio-degradable and environmentally friendly products would appeal to many people concerned about conservation.

Graffiti Removal Service on Shark Tank

With immense confidence, Watts presented the idea to Shark Tank, requesting $350,000 for 15%. The Sharks were not impressed with the Graffiti Removal Franchise’s value and potential, and Watts did not secure any deal. Robert Herjavec offered Watts $350 000 for 75% of the business, making Watts an employee of the company, which he declined. He held great belief in the potential of Graffiti Removal Services.

Graffiti Removal Service After Shark Tank

After refusing the deal from Shark Tank, Paul Watts regained full control of the company. His financial stability greatly favored his business prospects. Paul was, and still is, an entrepreneur with diverse businesses that helped him generate funding. The company did not have any pending debts, and this formed a strong foundation. Despite slow progress, the company has continued to grow significantly. Watts carefully considered his partnerships and partnered with companies manufacturing the products that he uses. He now sells the products as retail on his website and has established a brand for himself. In Portland, Watts has worked with US Agent with the Urban Restoration Group. In 2015, he unveiled a unique Graffiti Removal Bike that would be substituted in the pedestrian paths that trucks would not access.

Graffiti Removal Service Today

The company is now operational in Portland, Oregon, where Watts uses a fleet of trucks and bikes offering environmentally friendly graffiti cleaning systems that are restoring values for cities and buildings, maintaining the authenticity and value of the buildings. Watt partners with communities in the creation of proactive anti-graffiti task forces helping in stopping and cleaning graffiti. There is no actual price for graffiti removal since the fees vary based on location, size of graffiti, and removal method. However, the price ranges between $9.99 and $185.00.The company has received numerous positive reviews from clients and other people, and it continues to grow and thrive in the market.

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