GOGA Goat Yoga

Pitchyoga classes with baby goats to keep you company
EntrepreneurRachael Phillips and Trey Kitchen
Asked For$50,000 for 15%

Company Background

What is GOGA Goat Yoga?

If you are an animal lover or a yoga lover or you love both, then you will enjoy this package offered by Goga Goat Yoga company. Through the package you get yoga sessions that are blended with having cute cuddles and massages from Nigerian dwarf goats. Goat Yoga breaks the monotony of traditional yoga routines.

Who is the Founder of GOGA Goat Yoga?

Trey Kitchen and Rachael Phillips, residents of Austin, Texas, are the founders of Goga Goat Yoga. Before delving into goat yoga, the two were on different career paths. Rachael was an established marketer. She had settled on digital advertisement and internet marketing. On the other hand, Trey had engaged in business, having a background in finance and economics. The couple continues to be co-founders; Rachael handles marketing while Trey crunches the numbers.

Founder’s Story

The couple found that there was a possibility of finding clients who both liked goats and were also fans of yoga. The idea to start the company was born after the couple successfully raised funds for Hurricane Harvey. This act of kindness allowed them to engage in the project commercially.

As Trey’s mother (Roxie) was already an established goat farmer, it was not difficult to get started. The couple pitched the idea to her, and she agreed to partner with them. Trey and Rachael found that the two market segments had a symbiotic relationship. To the ardent goat lovers, Goat Yoga provided them with the opportunity to try out yoga. Similarly, yoga enthusiasts also had a chance to try out goat massage and goat cuddling, making it more appealing.

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