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Goalsetter Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?


PitchGoal-based savings, gifting and financial literacy app, made just for kids and families
EntrepreneurTanya Van Court
Asked For$200,000 for 4%

Company Background

What is Goalsetter?

Goalsetter is an app designed to get kids and families excited about saving money. With its simple savings and smart spending features, Goalsetter allows for you to track and meet your savings goals, easily transfer money between friends and family, as well as set allowances and monitor your children’s spending.

Who Owns Goalsetter?

Founder and CEO, Tanya Van Court previously worked for Nickelodeon as SVP of Preschool and Parenting where she was responsible for leading,, as well as Nickelodeon’s parenting initiatives. But it was not until a special moment on her daughter’s 9th birthday, that she became inspired to start Goalsetter.

Founder’s Story

When Tanya’s daughter turned 9 years old, she asked her mother for only two things. A new bike and enough money to start her own investment account. To teach her daughter, the value of saving money, Tanya instead gave her daughter a “Make Your Own Gum” Kit, two weaving looms, and a butterfly conservatory.

This is the moment Tanya realized she was passionate about teaching American families the power of saving and reaching their own financial goals.

From there Goalsetter was born with children and families in mind. The best way to teach Americans the power of saving, is by showing kids at an early age that setting their own goals, and working to reach them can be a valuable, and gratifying experience.

Tanya believes that every family in America deserves the opportunity to save enough money to chase their passions. This has always been the American Dream.

What Happened to Goalsetter After Shark Tank Update

Is Goalsetter Still in Business?

The banking app/debit card for kids and teens, Goalsetter, is still in business. You can access Goalsetter only through its website or a downloadable app for iOS or Android.

It makes its money through bank fees charged monthly. Not only does it teach children fiscal responsibility at a young age, but they’ve also partnered with schools, universities, businesses, and community organizations, allowing children and parents to jointly save for further education, family responsibility, and charity initiatives.

They have also partnered with local government and financial institutions to help offer after-school learning and summer internships.

Goalsetter Competitors

Goalsetter’s #1 competitor is theGreenlight card by Greenlight Financial Technology.

The Greenlight card is a prepaid debit card for kids that helps instill financial literacy skills in children from the age of 4 and up.

In September of 2020, Greenlight secured funding at a $1.2 billion valuation after closing $215 million in a Series C which brings its total funding to over half a billion.

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