Friday September 24, 2021

GoOats Oatmeal Bites

Pitchoatmeal in a ball
EntrepreneurNahum Jeannot
Asked For$150,000 for 10%
Deal $150,000 for 20%
SharkBarbara Corcoran

Company Background

What is GoOats ?

GoOats are a delicious combination of oats and milk that are perfectly sweetened and rounded into ready to eat bites that can be consumed at any of time of the day.

GoOats are made with different all-natural products, including milk, cane sugar, sweet cream butter, and natural flavors.

They do not have additional preservatives, which makes them popular among customers of different ages.

Who Owns GoOats?

GoOats was created by former head chef, Nahum Jeannot. Today Nahum remains at the forefront of GoOats as he works diligently to grow the company into a national brand.

Founder’s Story

Nahum was preparing for Hyatt Regency’s grand opening as the head chef and realized that finger-food was missing from the menu. He needed to think of something fast and save the day, ensuring everything matched up to perfection. Nahum drew inspiration from his Mother and Grandmother’s oatmeal prepared with absolute perfection and was a regular menu for Nahum and his Siblings. The oatmeal was made from scratch with ingredients that left a unique taste in the meals. He turned the oatmeal in bowls to oatmeal bites that were handheld.

Nahum received numerous positive feedback that compelled him to more oatmeal bites and eventually launching GoOats Oatmeal Bites. He formed a foundation by leasing food-preparation space in Virginia. The move allowed him to grow and thrive, perfecting his bites and marketing them.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did GoOats Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 2, Nahum Jeannot entered the Shark Tank seeking $150,000 for 10% of his ready to eat oatmeal balls, GoOats, and accepted an offer of $150,000 for 20%, from Barbara Corcoran.

Is GoOats Still in Business?

Sales for GoOats products skyrocketed after Shark Tank’s appearance, and the company had to invest in production to match the demand while ensuring quality. Mentors have helped Nahum run the company in production and marketing matters, which has culminated in tremendous success for the company.

By 2020 he had won in the SCORE’s Perfect Product Pitch. GoOats partnered with SLC Group Holdings, who identify passionate entrepreneurs and mentor them towards success.

GoOats has since expanded to different products and flavors, which are now currently available in 20+ Heinen’s and 60+ Whole Foods stores across seven States. He has further managed to sell GoOats on Amazon with positive feedback on the products.

Although COVID 19 has slowed sales and production significantly for GoOats, Nahum is hopeful that the company is strong enough to stand the tide and is currently planning strategies for a comeback. He remains patient and confident about his products.

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  1. I am “going” everyday with GoOats, sharing them with friends and family. My gosh are they good!! And once you know to to perfect the cooking time, you will be on the GO! So delicious. So Good. Just one of those real good inventions, that make you feel good to! Thanks to Mr. Nahum for keeping America on the GO!


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