Pitchdeodorizing sticks for athletic gloves and shoes
Entrepreneur Krista Woods
Asked For$150,000 for 10%
Deal$150,000 for 17.5%
SharkLori Greiner and Alex Rodriguez
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Glovestix?

Glovestix is a patented product that is inserted inside a sports glove to remove bad odor. The company also offers Shoestix, which, as the name suggests, is put inside shoes to eliminate the stink. Glovestix helps eliminate the foul smell by sucking out the moisture inside the equipment.

Who Owns Glovestix?

Krista Woods is the creator of Glovestix. Before she entered the business world, she had been working in sales and customer service. She quit her six-figure salary job, put her house on mortgage and fully committed to her new venture. Krista is currently the Director of Stink Operations at Glovestix.

Founder’s Story

Apart from being a career woman, Krista was also a mother to athletic children. Therefore, dealing with stinking socks wasn’t out of the ordinary. However, she quite had some trouble when her last child joined a lacrosse team. Despite using a spray, she couldn’t shake off the smell.

The motivation to get rid of the stinky lacrosse gloves and shoes gave rise to Glovestix. After Krista tried using several chemicals to no avail, she decided to create her own company. Krista’s company wouldn’t have been successful if her husband hadn’t helped with designing the first prototype and coming up with the logo.

Krista took out patents to protect her novel invention. Once the products hit the market, they were an instant success. Glovestix was able to sell approximately $500,000 of merchandise.

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