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Glace Cryotherapy Update



cryotherapy treatment spa


Skyler Scarlett and Brittney Scarlett


$100,000 for 15%


$100,000 for 30%


Barbara Corcoran



Glace Cryotherapyis a body wellness center that incorporates the application of science in helping patients alleviate pain. Additionally, it also promotes clients’ workout recovery injuries, and aiding fat loss to enhance overall beauty and health.

The procedure involves the application of ice to the body in the form of liquid nitrogen. After the procedure, you will have reduced pain and inflammation.

The procedures involved cryotherapy, red light, and also compression therapy. Furthermore, you can also receive cryoskin, coupled with red and blue light facials. Electric stimulations are also part of the services in enhancing the appearance of your face.

Glace Cryotherapy’s backstory stems from teamwork between siblings in creating an exemplary cryotherapy spa after identifying the market niche.

The fortune of Glace Cryotherapy changed after appearance on Shark Tank. By submitting the application in shark tank, the duo was optimistic that one of the sharks, if not all, will jump in the business bandwagon. The team made a business pitch seeking funding as a treatment spa. Skyler Scarlett and Brittney Scarlet asked for $100,000 funding from the sharks in exchange for 15% stake ownership entity.

And the good news? The business concept was viable for one of the sharks. The sought after business mogul Barbara Corcoran came through. In case you’re wondering, she offered $100,000 for 30% stake in the treatment spa. How amazing is that?

Additionally, Glace Cryotherapy received significant coverage from media sites and publications. What gave the business a cutting edge you ask? Its entrance into the market while cryotherapy was a relatively new procedure in the country compared to countries like Japan.

Furthermore, through Barbara’s funding, the siblings opened several branches across the country. While the duo made a pitch to have expansion in Florida, they have gone above and beyond in other cities. These include California, Oregon, and even Niceville. Moreover, other areas where you can find the Glace cryotherapy spa are San José, and also Carmel.

The duo also hopes to open other branches countrywide with the success of the business. Not only has the business grown in size, but also increased the profit margins.

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