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tiny house cabin rentals in natural landscapes for city-dwellers


Jon Staff and Pete Davis


$500,000 for 5%







A luxurious getaway into the wilderness is what every hard-working individual craves. After a long stressful week at work, all you need is a short and stress-free treat out in the woods to unwind. When a pair of college classmates came to the big city from their rural homes, they saw how technologically advanced humans needed time-out from their busy schedules. The duo thought of offering these hard-working individuals a camping experience with Getaway.

Getaway’s Inspiration

Getaway founders Jon Staff and Pete Davis, who first met in college, had relocated to the city from different small towns. Upon reaching the city, the entrepreneurs noticed that the more society advanced technologically, the more people wanted to find secret hide-outs to relax and unwind. That is when the idea of outdoor camping in the woods came up. The shrunken houses come with everything a regular home has. This fancy camping experience in the woods is complete with s’mores, campfires and reading materials.

Jon and Pete appeared in Shark Tank intending to get $500,000 to exchange a 5% stake in equity. The duo needed investment to help their company, Getaway, grow. Getaway rents petite vacation houses in secret locations. The pair started Getaway in Boston with three small homes. The elegantly customized miniature houses on wheels that measure 160-200 square feet are in secluded places to allow them to move away from the hustles and bustles of modern life.

The founders decided not to reveal the clients’ vacation locations to prevent them from planning for the treat. The tiny houses that come loaded with enough food for the stay have the necessities you might need. Apart from a comfortable home, Getaway provides heating, electricity and board games for the customers.

The entrepreneurs wanted the sharks to help them shift Getaway from a cool brand to a national brand and offer several people the chance to get to the woods and recharge. However, no Shark found it worth investing in the business.

Getaway After Shark Tank

Though Jon and Pete were denied a deal, they were not going to let their business sink. After the company’s appearance on the televised program, the firm has seen tremendous changes. Within 24 hours, the Getaway’s website received a swarm of 100,000 new visitors, far from the typical 1,000-3,300 visitors it used to receive daily. The company also had an increase in reservations. As of 2017, half a dozen of the small houses got booked throughout summer.

As of 2018, Getaway had spread to Washington DC. The founders also added several cabins to the locations of Boston and New York. Instead of the initial ten cabins, Getaway has more than eighty houses.

A quick look at Getaway’s website shows that the business that is still active is thriving. The cost varies from the number of individuals and additional guests and each booking costs $99-$129 depending on the number of nights a guest will be booked in. Extra guests and pets will cost you an additional fee.

The founders told the Sharks on the program’s 115th episode that they dream of bringing the cabins to 30 US states. The goal could be fulfilled as Jon and Pete are hopeful of achieving the vision by 2022.

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  1. Little did the sharks know how the pandemic was going to make Getaway the perfect vacation. I am going in a couple of days, and the rooms are all booked and considerably more than the original price of $99.


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