Gayla Bentley Fashion

PitchWomen’s plus size fashion apparel
Entrepreneur Gayla Bentley
Asked For$250,000 for 20%
Deal$250,000 for 50%
SharkDaymond John

Company Background

What is Gayla Bentley Fashion?

Gayla Bentley Fashion started with an objective to provide a variety of quality clothing to plus-sized women after the founder realized the shortage of the product in stores. According to statistics then, over 60% of women in the US wore sizes over 12, but most stores only had sizes ranging from 00 to 12.

Who Founded Gayla Bentley Fashion?

Gayla Bentley Fashion was founded by Gayla Bentley. She is known for her famous quote that goes, “It’s not about size, It’s about style!” She is a Houstonian, a television personality, funny, and a visionary person. Currently, she is working with Fortune 500 companies as well as corporations to train their personnel on professional and personal dressing styles.

Founder’s Story

After being in the fashion industry for several years, Gayla Bentley discovered that some designers were discriminatory about sizes regarding high-end fashions and saw the opportunity to start this business venture. That is what inspired her to invest her resources, experience, and time into this promising project. Her projections in the future were to be the best in the disowned market.

According to her, this business idea could be a potential goldmine. She had ambitions to expand her customer base from Houston, TX, throughout the US, and across the borders. Over the years, Gayla has produced multiplier plus size designs, including sundresses, designer clothing, Tankini swimwear, and workout clothes. After a heartbreaking experience of floods that made her vacate her home and lose closets of high end clothing, she decided to start working with Hurricane Harvey victims to help them style their renovated homes.

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