FurZapper: Fur Remover

Pitchlaundry machine device for removing fur from clothes while washing
EntrepreneurHarry Levin and Michael Sweigart
Asked For$600,000 for 10%
Deal$600,000 for 15%
SharkLori Greiner
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is FurZapper?

Do you have pets as part of your family? As a pet owner, you will notice that their fur can stubbornly stick to your clothes. Luckily, FurZapper can help remove the fur from the clothes.

You put the product into a washing machine/dryer together with your laundry; it then gets hold of the fur. The product is important as it gets rid of embedded fur that can trigger an allergy.

Who Owns FurZapper?

Michael Sweigart and Harry Levin are the creative minds behind FurZapper. Before the invention, Michael was an online car marketer and SEO enthusiast, though he confesses to having been creative all his life. His business partner, Harry, had been an attorney before investing in FurZapper. Presently, the duo are still the directors of FurZapper.

Founder’s Story

As a business owner working from home, Michael was in charge of laundry duties. He was frequently frustrated by pet hair that stuck on their clothes. He admits that creating FurZapper was a lucky accident. He had dropped a silicone piece, and immediately animal fur adhered to it.

When he noticed he was onto something, he put silicone inside the washer and noticed that it removed fur from the clothes. Michael then applied for a patent protection and opened a website to popularize the invention.

He pitched the idea to Walmart, who were amazed by the product, and connected him with a vendor to improve the sales volume. FurZapper has resonated favorably with the customers if their sales are anything to go by; they made sales worth $4 million in 2020 despite the country facing Covid-19.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did FurZapper Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 20, Harry Levin and Michael Sweigart entered the Shark Tank looking for $600,000 for 10% of FurZapper and accepted an offer of $600,000 for 15% of FurZapper, from Lori Greiner

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  1. Fur zapper disappeared in my brand new washing machine. Thought it would be the perfect product for me,because my golden retriever sheds a lot particularly in the summer. I am afraid to use it again because I don’t know where the fur zapper went to.


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