Frozen Farmer Ice Cream




premium, dairy, gluten-free icecream and sorbet made from fresh, cosmetically imperfect fruit


Katey Jo Evans


$125,000 for 20%


$125,000 for 30%


Lori Greiner



Company Background

What is Frozen Farmer?

The Frozen Farmer is a third-generation family-run farm, located in the state of Delaware. They grow their fruits and vegetables, then combine the unsellable produce with cream to craft an assortment of delicious, tasty ice creams, sorbets, and their trademarked Froberts – a signature blend of sorbet and frozen dairy dessert. So that you get the delicious taste of traditional ice cream without the extra fat and sugar. They now have over 50 delicious flavors and options to choose from on their menu.

Who Founded Frozen Farmer?

Business owners and farming power couple, Kevin and Katey Jo Evans started the Frozen Farmer as a way to preserve their family’s farm legacy. They grow the fruits and vegetables they use for their delicious frozen treats at Evans Farms, a more than 3,000-acre plot of land that’s been in the family for three generations.

Founder’s Story

According to Katey Jo and Kevin, 20% of the fruits and vegetables produced across America aren’t fit to sell on the grocery store shelves and never leave the farm. Which was leading to a massive loss of profit for their family farm.

So they started brainstorming some ideas for what to do with all these unsellable fruit and vegetables. And that’s how The Frozen Farmer came to fruition if you’ll pardon the pun. They realized they could make delicious ice cream and sorbet. Using the imperfect fresh fruit from their farm. Turning the imperfect into the perfect, with a delicious taste too.

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