Fresh Patch



dog potty grass patch subscription service


Andrew Feld


$150,000 for 15%


$150,000 for 20%


Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran

Company Background

What is Fresh Patch?

Dealing in the fresh Patch is a successful and subscription-based business. The Patch is standard in size that is designed to accommodate dogs weighing less than 15 pounds. The most outstanding quality of this product is that it is disposable. It contains natural grass that absorbs urine and odors, and there is no need to clean any of its parts.

Who Founded Fresh Patch?

Fresh Patch is an e-commerce company that is owned by Andrew Fled. Before starting the business, he lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Miami with his wife and his dog and needed a job. Later on, with so many efforts, he started his own business of fresh patches, which has now become a strong brand.

Founder’s Story

Andrew worked on the commercials and TV shows. He wasn’t interested in the business before. With the help of friends and family, Feld started the business in 2010 as a replacement for fake grass pee pads.

He started Fresh Patch from a 200 square feet storage unit. First, he delivered the patches directly to customers. However, he started selling them online later on. Andrew got this business idea when he got some grass from his balcony, and his dog, Chloe, loved it. From there, he knew he had a winning idea.

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