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Freeloader: Child Carrier



child carriers and special purpose backpacks for hiking, travel, and special needs


Erick Jansen and Nathan Jones


$200,000 for 15%


$200,000 for 33%


Robert Herjavec



Company Background

What is Freeloader?

A freeloader is a lightweight child carrier that performs multiple functions, such as a baby backpack and a hiking carrier. It is designed for kids aged between two to eight years and can carry a child up to 80 pounds. This fantastic child carrier has adjustable straps, stirrups, and seat positions, ensuring that your child doesn’t slip out.

Who Owns Freeloader?

Erick Jansen and Nathan Jones, two Texas firefighters, are the entrepreneurs behind the Freeloader. Before launching the Freeloader child carrier, neither Erick nor Nathan had any experience in crowdfunding. They worked together as career firefighters while creating two other consumer products: a modified carabineer and kitchen utensils. After the manufacture of the Freeloader, they both became successful entrepreneurs.

Founder’s Story

When co-founder Erick Jansen was traveling through the streets of Paris with his four-year-old daughter Sam, he thought of manufacturing a child carrier with a minimalist and functional design. The two dads began working on designing the Freeloader for themselves to carry their kids when they get too tired.

They used Indiegogo to fund their start-up in July 2012 and built their first Freeloader in July 2013. The partners’ aim was to use the profits from their first run to support their second run. The Freeloader was designed to be two pounds lighter than the average weight of carriers available in the market at that time.

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