Frameri Eyewear

PitchInterchangeable lenses and frames
EntrepreneurKonrad Billetz and Kevin Habich
Asked For$150,000 for 4%

Company Background

What is Frameri?

Frameri was an online eyewear company based in Cincinnati that allowed customers to purchase lenses and frames separately, available in a variety of styles and shades. As opposed to customers previously having to purchase their glasses pre-assembled, Frameri offered the convenience of being able to switch out lenses depending on the look customers wanted. All lenses offered are UV-protected, scratch-resistant, and have an anti-reflective coating, priced at $100 each.

Who Owns Frameri?

Konrad Billetz was the founder and CEO of Frameri Eyewear. Billetz first obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Boise State University in 2009. He then graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Masters of Business Administration in 2013, where he launched Frameri Eyewear with co-founder Kevin Habich soon after. After the business closed its doors in 2017, Billetz co-founded a solar company called Offset Solar, which ran until 2019. In July 2019, Billetz co-founded Outliant, a technical services company that he still currently runs today. In January 2021, he co-founded Winona, Inc., a female wellness organization that ships doctor-prescribed treatments directly to the customer’s door.

Founder’s Story

Konrad Billetz is the epitome of a successful and brilliant entrepreneur. It all started when Billetz was shot in the eye with a BB gun when he was eleven years old, permanently impairing his vision. He was frustrated with having to wear glasses and the fact that their lenses couldn’t be swapped out from the frames when he needed new ones. This is when Billetz came up with the idea of Frameri Eyewear. Before finally launching in 2012, Billetz was denied by over ten companies. Refusing to give up, he finally found a small Italian company that agreed to work for him -and his success took off from there.

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