Foot Fairy App

Pitchapp that measures the size of a child’s foot when placed on the screen of a tablet
Entrepreneur Sylvie Shapiro and Nicole Brooks
Asked For$75,000 for 15%
Deal$100,000 for 40%
SharkMark Cuban
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Foot Fairy?

Foot Fairy was an iPad application that was used to measure children’s feet. A parent would gently put their child’s foot on the tablet. It would scan the foot size, and then it would relay the information to a shoe store. Foot Fairy had partnered with Zappo to provide the shoes after the exercise.

Who Owns Foot Fairy?

Dr Sylvie Shapiro and her friend Nicole Brooks were the mompreneurs behind Foot Fairy. Before creating the application, Dr Sylvie was a podiatrist working in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, Foot Fairy didn’t attain the traction they had hoped. So, Dr Sylvie went back to her practice. She also found Planet Flops that sells eco-friendly flip-flops.

Founder’s Story

The motivation to create Foot Fairy was to help children get the correct shoe size. Dr Sylvie noted that many children suffered foot-related diseases as they wore ill-fitting shoes. These illnesses were preventable. Therefore, she decided to find an apt solution. Together with Nicole, they created Foot Fairy.

As the two women didn’t have a background in Computer Science, they hired a team that made the software. Once the software had been made, the two mompreneurs entered into a contract with Zappo.

They were to receive between 8 and 18% of any shoe purchased after using Foot Fairy.However, the application was glitchy, and these returns weren’t adequately captured, leaving the mompreneurs without any royalties.

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