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Steve Epstein


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Company Background

What is Flip It Cap?

The Flip-It Cap is an amazing and simple household product designed to solve a problem faced by people across the globe, getting the last bit of liquid out of a plastic bottle without wasting it. The Flip-It Cap is reusable and helps save customer’s money while cutting down on pollution.

Who Owns Flip It Cap?

The Flip-It Cap was invented by Steven Epstein, President of Mid-Continent Packaging Inc, a consumer products packaging company. As a teenager, Steven began working with his father in the chemical manufacturing business. Since then, Steven’s company is the leading manufacturer of liquid, tablet, and powder items for Fortune 500 companies.

Founder’s Story

The inspiration for the Flip-It Cap came one morning, when Steven became frustrated after attempting to apply lotion out of an empty bottle. His solution was to leave the bottle upside down over night, to get every last drop of the product he paid for. This is when Steven realized that people around the world were experiencing the same exact problem every single day. He learned that up to 25% of beauty products and 15% of kitchen condiments are wasted due to the design of plastic bottles. Steven’s insider knowledge about plastic bottles from Mid-Continent Packaging Inc allowed him to make the Flip-It Cap work for any product. He wanted the Flip-It Cap to solve two major problems. To stop people from wasting time, money, and frustration trying to get the last dop of an expensive product. Additionally, this product can help reduce waste and pollution from entering the ecosystem.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Flip It Cap Still in Business?

Unfortunately, Steven was unable to strike a deal during his appearance on Shark Tank in 2019.

Despite this the Flip-It Cap is still available to save customers time and money. The Flip-It Cap is available on the company website, and is also sold on Amazon, Walmart, Ace Hardware and QVC.

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  1. I really like this product. This is a very useful product that everyone needs. All restaurants should be using these caps.


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