Prime Day Deal with Basepaws from Season 10 Episode 21

FlexScreen: Flexible Window Screens




flexible window screen replacement


Joe Altieri


$800,000 for 6%


$400,000 for 50% of retail business + $400,000 line of credit


Lori Greiner



Company Background

What is FlexScreen?

FlexScreen is an ingenious flexible window screen technology, offering durability along with flexibility. By inherent design, FlexScreen is damage resistant having being made from PVC-coated, carbon enriched spring steel, providing protection against dents and breaks. The powder-coated steel frame is scratch-resistant, leaving your screens looking just as good as new.

Who Founded FlexScreen?

The idea for FlexScreen was conceived by Joe Altieri. Joe worked in the window industry for more than 15 years, and during those years, he spent a large part of his time dealing with his customers’ problems with window screens. He has now employed about 60 people in Westmoreland County at FlexScreen’s headquarters in Murrysville and the company’s main plant in Export.

Founder’s Story

During the time that he worked in this industry, his greatest inspiration was ending his customers’ frustrations when it came to installation complications and the brittle nature of glass windows. He then decided to get in his Murrysville garage to make a difference. The sheer toil finally paid off seeing Joe develop world’s first and only flexible window screen.

Joe realized he would need funding to bring the FlexScreen to market. He reached out to Shark Tank producers in an impressive video application, which drew their interests. He soon got an outreach email from the Sharks which very much seemed like a bluff. Upon realizing the opportunity before him, Joe was up on the show pitching his business idea with the hope of securing a deal.

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