Friday September 24, 2021

Fixed: Parking Ticket App

Pitchapp that fights parking tickets for you
EntrepreneurDavid Hegarty
Asked For$700,000 for 5%
Deal$700,000 for 7%
Shark Mark Cuban

Company Background

What is Fixed?

The Fixed Ticket App is an app which allows users to fight potentially unjust parking tickets through a streamlined, technological process. The process begins when a user uploads a picture of his or her ticket.

The app first searches for common citation errors which could lead to the ticket being dismissed on a technicality.

Then, a custom contest letter is generated for the user to submit in order to formally contest the issuance of the ticket.

Lastly, the app checks the location the ticket was issued via Google Street View to see if proper signage is in place. If the app is successful in getting a user’s ticket dismissed or significantly reduced, the cost is 25% of the original ticket.

In other words, if a person’s original ticket was $100, he or she would only pay Fixed Ticket $25.

Who Owns Fixed?

The app was created by California native David Hegarty. David received his B.E. at the University College Dublin and his M.B.A. from Northwestern University.

After finishing his education, he went on to work for Bain & Company for four years and Microsoft for two years before founding his first startup, Signature Labs Inc.

Fixed Ticket App was his second entrepreneurial venture, where he operated as the company’s founder and CEO for two years, from 2014 to 2016. He has since gone on to do further work in the areas of consulting, strategy, and startup.

Founder’s Story

David decided to create his ticket app because he was frustrated with the way tickets are issued as a whole and with his own personal experiences receiving them.

He felt many tickets were undue or overzealous, and thought drivers shouldn’t have to pay for tickets they do not deserve. He had also previously founded a company and therefore had the experience and expertise to tackle such a task.

What Happened to Fixed After Shark Tank Update

Is Fixed Still in Business?

As of today, the company is still around, albeit in a different form. Unsurprisingly, Fixed Ticket App was popular—extremely popular—and very adept at succeeding at its intended purpose. This led to city officials working tirelessly to ban the app’s use, despite it simply weeding out unjust penalizations, and eventually the bureaucracy and red tape involved exceeded the amount of resources available to the company to fight them.

The app then switched to focusing on traffic citations rather than parking tickets, only to have similar issues.

This led to the app being acquired by law firm/tech company hybrid, Lawgix, where it’s now used to fight parking and traffic tickets in a manner that remains effective but is ultimately more expensive and less accessible to the general public.

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