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Ezpz Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchColorful line of silicone placemats that suction to table surfaces and high chairs
EntrepreneurLindsey Laurain
Asked For$1 million for 5%

Company Background

What is Ezpz?

EZPZ sells an all in one colorful placemat and plate with or without compartments. These are made of silicon which suctions to a table for infants and toddlers. This promotes self eating with no mess. Infant/toddler spoons, forks, and cups made of silicon are also sold. Silicon is soft and flexible for the mouth.

Who is the Ezpz Founder?

Lindsey Laurain is from Parker, Colorado who worked in corporate America. She decided to start her own company and left corporate America. Lindsey is now a founder and owner of EZPZ. Today she is successfully running EZPZ with her husband. The company is expanding and has 2-11 employees to date.

Founder’s Story

Lindsey Laurain is a mother of 3 toddler age children and mealtime was a nightmare. It was a time consuming clean up of a terrible mess. She knew there had to be a better way of feeding children.

Lindsey started researching the subject and was shocked to find out there was nothing out there she could purchase to solve this problem. She decided to make her own necessary product and help millions of moms at the same time. She started slow in boutiques and is currently known as a multi millionaire.

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