Pitch Events company that allows you to book VIP service in advance
Entrepreneur Alashe Nelson
Asked For$150,000 for 15%
Deal $150,000 for 30%
SharkMark Cuban and Daymond John

Company Background

What is EZ VIP?

EZ VIP is a convenient, simple reservation website for any special event or club. The company has been in business since 2001 and has grown rapidly. EZ VIP offers services such as high-end clubs, venues, and events. Clients are provided with 24/7 customer service for all requests and needs. It takes away the hassle of standing in line at a club only to be refused at the door.

Who Owns EZ VIP?

Alashe Nelson is EZ VIP’s Founder and CEO. He has been in the concierge business since he was only 13 when his mother began her own concierge company called, “Concierge with a Smile.” Alashe had always planned on taking over for his mom one day, but after seeing how successful she became without him, he decided to create a company that would allow him to express himself, instead of being another name under his mother’s company.

Founder’s Story

When Alashe Nelson endured a terrible social snub after being turned away at a club, it ruined his chances with the woman he was dating at that time. From then, he vowed to prevent this sort of ‘social snubbing’ from happening to anyone again, including himself. This idea grew into EZ VIP, which was founded in 2001. Alashe had a goal of simplifying life for those in high society circles, helping them get reservations to prestigious, hot clubs easier. After partnering with local club owners in Miami, EZ VIP grew quickly and Alashe made plans to expand into Las Vegas. Seeking a partner with strategies to help boost the visibility and value of EZ VIP, Alashe got an audience with the investors of Shark Tank.

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