Extreme Vehicle Protection

Pitchgiant plastic bag to protects cars from extreme weather conditions
EntrepreneurKenny Lerner and Matthew Harris
Asked For$50,000 for 20%
Deal$50,000 for 33%
SharkDaymond John
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Extreme Vehicle Protection?

Extreme Vehicle Protection is a specially designed product used to protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions. EVP is built to withstand up to 36 inches of rising floodwaters. While EVP was initially intended for vehicles, it has since expanded to protect other products, including golf carts, furniture, mowers, and even boats.

Who are the Founders?

Matthew Harris and Kenny Lerner are the co-founders of Extreme Vehicle Protection. Before founding the company, Matthew used to work at a graphics design shop that also did car wraps. His partner Kenny was already a businessman. The duo is still in charge of Extreme Vehicle Protection today.

Founder’s Story

The idea to found Extreme Vehicle Protection came through a dream. Mathew’s dad had a dream about a vehicle enclosure. Matthew shared the vision with his friend, Kenny, who was excited about the prospects. As Hurricanes were inevitable, EVP would save vehicle owners and insurance companies a fortune.

The dream had come shortly after Hurricane Sandy which Matthew had seen its devastating effects. The duo started working on the project, and Matthew’s Hyundai was the test subject. After several attempts, they were able to find a product that could withstand extreme weather conditions like floods. The duo took out relevant patents to protect EVP from being used by other companies.

Having made the product and despite it having novelty utility features, selling it to people seemed to be a problem. Matthew and Kenny started visiting companies to see if they could buy EVP. One particular company that had lost $200 million due to Hurricane Sandy was afraid to invest, claiming EVP was untested. However, the duo was resilient, and through Kenny’s shrewd business practice, they landed a slot in Shark Tank.

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