fresh and healthy foods at fast-food prices


Sam Polk and David Foster


$1,000,000 for 5%


$1,000,000 for 10%


Rohan Oza



Company Background

What is Everytable?

Everytable hopes to rival fast-food joints like McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC by offering low-cost, healthy, take-away or sit down meals at food courts or stand-alone stores. With a varied menu designed by top chefs and catering for vegetarians and vegans, they hope to create a nutritious, cost-effective and healthier alternative to the takeaway industry. That’s available to all communities, no matter your postcode.

Who Owns Everytable?

The co-founders of the Everytable are Sam Polk and David Foster. Sam was a former hedge fund trader, and David used to work in private equity. They were already business partners through their joint venture, Groceryships. Everytable is the on-the-go ready made food spin-off concept of this. Both remain active in the company as executives. After receiving funding, Everytable has done well, going on to open six stores across Los Angeles, offering healthy meals, freshly squeezed juices and sugar-free desserts. Like many in the food industry, they’ve moved into home delivery as well.

Founder’s Story

In 2014, Sam and David had already partnered to form Groceryships, a non-profit organization providing support to low-income houses. In the form of nutritional education, free produce and cooking lessons — done as classes at schools and community halls. As the business began to grow, they started to envision a similar concept but catered more towards healthy ready-made meals, suitable for the take-away crowd who don’t have the time to cook. The idea was for potential patrons to come into the store, select a cheap and healthy ready made meal, heat the food and then sit down and eat it or pay and go. However, most importantly, the costs must be in line with McDonald’s and similar fast-food joints. They partnered with some top of the line chefs to get some recipes, and then planned to open a few stores in and around Los Angeles — in diverse neighborhoods. With the hope of expanding nationwide as needed. To speed up this process, they started looking for investors to help them in their vision.

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