Enso Rings




fashionable silicone rings for active lifestyles


Brighton Jones & Aaron Daly


$500,000 for 7.5%


$500,000 for 15%


Robert Herjavec



Brighton Jones and Aaron Dalley were driven by a ring avulsion injury in a rock-climbing expedition to start an Enso Ring campaign. They envisioned a shakeup in the traditional wedding ring. Ring avulsion is projected to occur to more than 150,000 people annually. Enso Rings are colorful, fashionable, comfy, cost-effective, and way safer than traditional metal wedding rings. They are made from patented Silicone and intended to break down if they get snagged on something. The rings are an impeccable substitute to the metal rings. These types are an excellent choice, especially for those with a vibrant lifestyle and seamless for the nurses, firefighters, and the military.

Enso Ring on Shark Tank

The Salt Lake City friends got a chance to appear on the Shark Tank to present their product in October 2017. They requested a $500,000 investment in exchange for a 7.5% stake in the business. They picked Robert Herjavec, whose offer was a 15% stake. Additionally, they felt that Robert understood their business more than the other sharks.

Brighton Jones and Aaron Dalley informed the sharks that the Enso rings had made $3.8 million the past 18 months and $460,000 the month before. The rings can be made at a small cost of between 70 cents and four dollars and thus a probable immense profit margin, especially in the retail sector.

Enso Rings After Shark Tank

After the Enso ring showcased on national television, the company made sales worth $2 million from 60,000 orders. The business has continued to thrive. They, too, have familiarized fast with the change in market and design. Notably, customer response and satisfaction is their priority and ensures that their requests are put into consideration.

Current Status

The two founders came up with various birthstone rings for the mothers who would like to show their word to their children by wearing them on the right hand. The newest addition to the enterprise’s collection is the inked ring. The company is collaborating with local artists in which the designers cover the images around the ring. Additionally, they have a line of bracelets pleasing to stylish customers. Enso Rings are devoted to the care of social causes in its Rings for a Reason Program. They partner with various organizations around the world with the profits from every sale of each ring. In 2018, they donated more than $100,000. They have recently partnered with Global citizens intending to eliminate poverty by 2030. Further, they have collaborated with B4BC, a foundation for initial detection and inhibition of breast cancer, and Hayes Tough, which help families facing childhood cancer.

The company has lately launched a swanky set of designs produced for Peloton, the world’s leading connecting fitness platform and the rings are available only on OnePeloton.com. The Elements Diamond Silicone Ring and the Dualtone Silicone Ring are the two flairs of design available. The company sells perfect wedding and engagement rings for outdoor couples and wedding parties, trendy and fitness gear, and have 2020 collections for the summer.

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