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Eggmazing Egg Decorator Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitchegg decorating kit
EntrepreneurCurtis McGill and Scott Houdashell
Asked For$350,000 for 7%
Deal$350,000 for 10% + $2 royalty
SharkLori Greiner

Company Background

What is the Eggmazing Egg Decorator?

The Eggmazing Egg Decorator kit takes the stink and the mess out of traditional Easter egg decorating. It doesn’t use any dyes or vinegar. Instead, all you need to do is put a hard-boiled egg on a battery-operated egg holder that spins it while the user decorates the egg with several included markers of various colors.

Who is the Founder of the Eggmazing Egg Decorator?

Co-founders Curtis McGill, the Chief Financial Officer, and designer and CEO Scott Houdashell created the Eggmazing Egg Decorator.

Scott had always had a knack for woodwork, a skill he honed doing remodeling jobs at a family-owned apartment complex business. And Curtis is an investor, helping local Texas business start-ups ranging from salons to restaurants and real-estate. Both men remain in their current positions on the company board.

Founder’s Story

Scott came up with the original idea back in 2015, celebrating Easter with his family and the family of good friend Curtis. As you do with vinegar and dyes, he created a mess decorating the eggs with the kids and figured there must be a cleaner, more effective way to do this. After playing around with prototypes to make it more fun over the space of a year, the pair raised nearly $8000 crowdfunding, found a manufacturer, and went into production.

Scott also asked his good friend Curtis to come on board as an investor, with the title CFO. Deciding on a company name they elected, Hey Buddy Hey Pal LLC, a typical exchange during their frequent telephone calls.

Going to market with 10,000 ready-made units, they sold out in under 30 days. Realizing they might be onto something, they decided to look for investors to help them increase their market, production, and business expansion.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is the Eggmazing Egg Decorator Still in Business?

The company remains in business and has since expanded its product range to include a Treemendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit and DinoMazing Egg Decorating Kit—with hidden dinosaurs inside.

In addition, they increased their exposure by attending toy fairs across the US. They now predominantly sell their products through online and store retailers, primarily Amazon and Walmart.

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