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Ecreamery Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitch Custom gourmet ice cream, gelato and sorbet manufacturer that sells through online
EntrepreneurAbby Jordan and Becky App
Asked For$250,000 for 33%

Company Background

What is Ecreamery?

Ecreamery is a traditional and online ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and cookie parlor situated in Omaha, Nebraska. Despite having traditional flavors, they have a unique option to customize flavors and packaging for personal enjoyment or special occasions and corporate gifting. They also offer a cookie collection, including ice cream sandwiches, to go with any of the ice cream and gelato flavors.

Who Owns Ecreamery?

Before Ecreamery, Founders, Abby Jordan and Becky App were both working at Borsheim’s, a luxury jewelry company. For 2 years. Abby was in the Marketing and Corporate Gift department executing their online corporate gift fulfillment program before moving on to be a store manager at Netshops. For 4 years, Becky developed advertising campaigns and marketing for the company as a Senior Marketing Specialist. Currently, Ecreamery has a limited time offer of unique flavors for the summer such as churro cheesecake and lemon cookie crunch.

Founder’s Story

Abby and Becky’s motivation was fueled by their passion for e-commerce and food which they discovered while being colleagues at Borsheims. They wanted to incorporate luxury gifting and a treat without the heavy price tag attached, so they transformed what used to be a drug store to start their ice-cream business with funding from Dundee Venture Capital’s Mark Hasebroock.

Their selling point for Hasebroock was that Abby and Becky were offering a new experience to the way something that everybody loves is purchased by making it a personalized gift giving experience that includes creating a flavor of your choosing, creating its name and packaging. After a lot of work on their online marketing and presence, people paid attention.

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