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Eco Flowers (Sola Wood Flowers)



Floral bouquets made from sustainable and recyclable materials.


Meagan Bowman


$400,000 for 10%


$400,000 for 20%


Daymond John

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  1. I just ordered flowers for my wedding decor and bouquet through sola woods! Glad to see her back in the game and doing well. Her company is amazing and I am blessed to have found it

  2. That wasn’t Meagan’s fault. It was the greedy bastards who forced her out. I really like people who jump on people when they’re down. She had courage. Wish her the best. And no one has to protect Raymond. He’s a Shark .

    • Unfortunately business is business and she most likely wouldn’t have made it to where she did without them. I felt so good for her when Daymond gave her the deal. He’s the angel investor. I suppose that she and Daymond received money for their 20% of the company. G_d bless them both in the future

  3. You might want to think about proofreading your own comment before criticizing someone else’s mistake. πŸ™‚

  4. So disappointed I have, I believe, a $50 gift card with no way to use it and I’m out that money! So upsetting…I loved the designs and flowers that Meagan createsd!

  5. Yes I did :). Thanks for giving an update. I am so much better off without investors. I own 100% of my company and I am no longer controlled by people who know nothing about my industry. After I left in 2016, the investors took over the business and left countless customers without orders and no way to get a refund. This entire ordeal was embarrassing and Shark Tank was the best thing that came of it. Shark Tank gave me the confidence to leave that mess behind and stand on my own two feet.

    Meagan, founder
    Eco Flower
    Sola Wood Flowers

      • What you’re saying makes no sense. Daymond didn’t invest in her company. That means he never gave her any money. Most of the deals on shark tank dont go through if the entrepreneur or the sharks feel its not in their best interest.

    • I purchased over $200 worth of bouquets for my wedding in 2017 from eco flowers. Never received them or my refund. Such a scam I won’t trust Sola either!!!

      • Did you just decide to comment and not read? She left Eco in 2016. The issues with Eco Flowers in your situation were not due to Meagan, so give the hard working lady another shot


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