Eco Flower (Sola Wood Flowers) Update



Floral bouquets made from sustainable and recyclable materials.


Meagan Bowman


$400,000 for 10%


$400,000 for 20%


Daymond John

Eco Flower was the rags to riches story that everyone was rooting for. Unfortunately for Eco Flower, Meagan and Daymond had to leave the company behind. Meagan had entered the Shark Tank holding only 25% of her company. In the end, she didn’t have enough control over her own company.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some, Eco flower is no longer in business. After Meagan and another partner were forced out, JW Capital, the investment company which held 50 percent of the business, purchased the remaining half of Eco Flower.

According to Crunchbase, JW Capital is lead by Ryan Westwood and Travis Johnson. JW Capital is an angel investment group that accelerates the growth of start-up companies. Travis is on the Board of Directors of several companies including Simplus, Zipclient, Eco Flower, Lionheart Innovations and Harvest Lane Honey. He currently owns and manages a commercial real estate portfolio in excess of $24 million held under the company Infinite Investments.

But earlier this year, employees announced through Instagram that Eco flower would be closing its doors. The website which remained up for a while, has now finally shut down. And Johnson and Westwood have moved on to their next projects.

Its a sad lesson in why you shouldn’t give away a majority stake in your business as early as she did. But since then, Meagan has moved on, having launched a similar flower company called Sola Wood Flowers, also based in Ogden.

Visit the Sola Wood Flowers website

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