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Eco Flower (Sola Wood Flowers) Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchFloral bouquets made from sustainable and recyclable materials
EntrepreneurMeagan Bowman
Asked For$400,000 for 10%
Deal$400,000 for 20%
SharkDaymond John
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Eco Flower?

Eco Flower, as the name suggests, was a company which offered eco-friendly natural flower alternatives made from recycled and sustainable materials.

The flowers were intended to be as beautiful as natural flowers but last infinitely longer while bypassing the environmental impacts of harvesting and air conditioned transport.

The company carried many different arrangements and styles, including wedding centerpieces, and offered various scents for customers to choose from.

Who Owns Eco Flower?

Eco Flower was founded by Utah native Meagan Bowman in 2013. Prior to starting the company, she was the owner and manager of a fitness center called French Kiss Fitness, where she was in charge of hiring, scheduling, social media, marketing, payroll, and more.

She left this role in 2013 and went on to work for economic development firm Better City LLC; here, she was tasked with retail recruiting, data analysis, small business development, and community development.

She balanced both Eco Flower and her economic development job until she was able to pursue her business full-time.

Founder’s Story

The initial inception of Eco Flower came while Meagan was on vacation. Perpetually tired of fresh flowers inevitably wilting and having to be thrown away, she happened across a wooden flower while out of town.

Upon her return home, she found the idea of recycled flowers pestered her until she finally decided to pursue a brand of natural flower alternatives all her own.

She decided very early on in the business that one of her goals was to one day appear on Shark Tank; later on, and after four tries, she was ultimately successful in being selected to present Eco Flower to the Sharks.

What Happened to Eco Flowers After Shark Tank Update

Did Eco Flower Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

In Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 7, Meagan accepted an offer from Shark Daymond John of $400,000 for 20% of EcoFlower, giving the company a valuation of $2,000,000, but it wasn’t all roses for long. The deal did not go through due to issues with Meagan’s former investment partners.

Is Eco Flower Still in Business?

Eco Flower was the rags to riches story that everyone was rooting for.

Unfortunately for the eco-friendly flower company and its customers, Meagan and Daymond had to leave the company behind.

Meagan had entered the Shark Tank holding only 25% of her company and in the end, she didn’t have enough control over her own company.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some), Eco flower is no longer in business. After Meagan and another partner were forced out, JW Capital, the investment company which held 50% of the business, purchased the remaining half of Eco Flower.

According to Crunchbase, JW Capital is lead by Ryan Westwood and Travis Johnson. JW Capital is an angel investment group that accelerates the growth of start-up companies. Travis is on the Board of Directors of several companies including Simplus, Zipclient, Eco Flower, Lionheart Innovations and Harvest Lane Honey.

He currently owns and manages a commercial real estate portfolio in excess of $24 million held under the company Infinite Investments.

With control of the company, the JW Capital duo immediately hired John Allard as CEO and from that point on, EcoFlower spiralled quickly into fast decay.

Dozens upon dozens of customer complaints flooded various platforms from Facebook to the BBB (Better Business Bureau). To date, many remain uncompensated for the orders placed with EcoFlower during this time.

In early 2018, employees announced through Instagram that Eco flower would be closing its doors.

The website which remained up for a while, has now finally shut down. Allard, Johnson and Westwood eventually moved on to other projects, after destroying the once thriving business that had reached over $7.2 million in sales.

What Went Wrong With EcoFlower?

Meagan has since written about her experience; and based on her telling of events, the brand’s downfall appears to have been a consequence of poor, discriminatory leadership at the hands of her business partners and fellow leadership members.

She recounts being routinely disrespected, both in action and speech, in a manner consistent with misogynistic and ableist attitudes. Due to her not being respected or even properly paid, she left, and the company quickly went under, while being led by CEO John Allard.

Not too long after the company began withering away, EcoFlower found itself in court with the Utah Consumer Protection Agency, and according to Meagan, the CEO John Allard, is rumored to be under investigation by the FBI.

EcoFlower Revived as Sola Wood Flowers

Today, Meagan has started a new eco-friendly flower business, this time with a woman CEO who values her opinion, respects her, and works to maintain a healthy and prosperous work culture.

Her new company is called Sola Wood Flowers and can be found on Amazon as well as

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0 thoughts on “Eco Flower (Sola Wood Flowers) Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?”

  1. I just ordered flowers for my wedding decor and bouquet through sola woods! Glad to see her back in the game and doing well. Her company is amazing and I am blessed to have found it

  2. That wasn’t Meagan’s fault. It was the greedy bastards who forced her out. I really like people who jump on people when they’re down. She had courage. Wish her the best. And no one has to protect Raymond. He’s a Shark .

    • Unfortunately business is business and she most likely wouldn’t have made it to where she did without them. I felt so good for her when Daymond gave her the deal. He’s the angel investor. I suppose that she and Daymond received money for their 20% of the company. G_d bless them both in the future

  3. You might want to think about proofreading your own comment before criticizing someone else’s mistake. 🙂

  4. So disappointed I have, I believe, a $50 gift card with no way to use it and I’m out that money! So upsetting…I loved the designs and flowers that Meagan createsd!

  5. Yes I did :). Thanks for giving an update. I am so much better off without investors. I own 100% of my company and I am no longer controlled by people who know nothing about my industry. After I left in 2016, the investors took over the business and left countless customers without orders and no way to get a refund. This entire ordeal was embarrassing and Shark Tank was the best thing that came of it. Shark Tank gave me the confidence to leave that mess behind and stand on my own two feet.

    Meagan, founder
    Eco Flower
    Sola Wood Flowers

      • What you’re saying makes no sense. Daymond didn’t invest in her company. That means he never gave her any money. Most of the deals on shark tank dont go through if the entrepreneur or the sharks feel its not in their best interest.

    • I purchased over $200 worth of bouquets for my wedding in 2017 from eco flowers. Never received them or my refund. Such a scam I won’t trust Sola either!!!

      • Did you just decide to comment and not read? She left Eco in 2016. The issues with Eco Flowers in your situation were not due to Meagan, so give the hard working lady another shot


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