Drop Stop



device for preventing objects from falling in between car gaps


Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon


$300,000 for 15%


$300,000 for 20%


Lori Greiner

Company Background

What is Drop Stop?

Drop Stop is a device that stops items, including mobile phones and coins, from falling into the abyss between the car seat and the center console. Additionally, the device is a safety hazard since it prevents the driver from trying to fish or grasp what they drive while driving.

Who Owns Drop Stop ?

Drop Stop was co-founded by two long-time friends, Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon. Marc and Jeffrey were educated at USC and UC Santa Barbara respectively. The pair currently runs Drop Stop concurrently.

Founder’s Story

The idea to create Drop Stop came after Marc nearly died and killed a pedestrian in an accident he caused while trying to fetch his phone, which he had dropped while driving. He, together with Jeffrey, decided to solve this problem for themselves and their mothers.

They brainstormed and eventually developed a prototype which they later patented. He stuffed an old automotive sponge into a sock and cut a few slits for the seat belt slot. They tested it on his car, and this gave birth to Drop Stop.

Their product is designed to make driving less worrying and a little safer. Jeffrey had to move in with Marc and make other sacrifices, including time, money, and other resources to develop a different and unique product. The pair even engaged a team that actively participated in making the invention better while retaining its simplicity and originality.

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