Drip Drop Cone: Ice Cream Waffle Ring

Pitchedible waffle ring that slides onto an ice cream cone to catch melting drips
EntrepreneurSam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald
Asked For$50,000 for 20%
Deal$50,0000 for 33.3%
SharkBarbara Corcoran
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Drip Drop Cone?

The Drip Drop Cone is a disc-shaped attachment made from waffle cone ingredients, so it’s edible.

The ring fits on the top part of the ice cream cone and catches all the melting drips.

The Drip Drop Cone solves the problem of sticky hands and ice cream stains on clothing.

Who Owns Drip Drop Cone?

Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald started their creative endeavors in elementary school.

As eighth-graders, they pursued a patent and achieved their goal of creating an edible ice cream drip solution.

Sam is currently at Champman University studying business, and Oliver is pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Duke University.

Founder’s Story

Sam and Oliver were two typical fifth-graders that loved ice cream. One day, they encountered a mother trying to clean up melted ice cream from her toddlers’ faces and clothes, which sparked an idea.

They designed and entered a version of the Drip Drop Cone in the Gate’s Invention Program in 2012 and walked away with the second-place prize.

Their prize provided payment for a U.S. Design Patent in 2015 to make the Drip Drop Cone a reality. In 2018 they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and found 82 backers to fund Drip Drop’s start with $7,047.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Drip Drop Cone Still in Business?

A novel idea for preventing sticky fingers and the inevitable ice cream mess; unfortunately, Drip Drop Cone has since melted away. Around 2018, co-founder Oliver Greenwald stepped away from the company and now works as an intern at Zoom. Furthermore, the website no longer works, and the social media accounts have not seen any action since 2019. Although co-founder Sam Nassif still lists himself as active with the company on LinkedIn, there’s no mention of the product on Amazon.

It would have faced competition from similar concepts, such as the Dripstik, as found on Amazon, had the company taken off. Although this product is made from plastic, with the edible version of Drip Drop Cone being naturally more appealing.

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