Drain Wig

PitchHair-catching drain plug
EntrepreneurJennifer Briggs and Gifford Briggs
Asked For$300,000 for 5%
Deal$300,000 for 15%
SharkKevin O’Leary

Company Background

What is Drain Wig?

Everyone knows the disgust and frustration of a drain that will not drain. And whether you are a do-it-yourself type that can do some of your own plumbing, or whether you are forced to call in an expert to fix your problem and shell out some serious cash, either way is no fun.

The Drainwig is an amazing solution to a common problem that catches all the hair that is trying to clog up your drain. And for less than $10 too!

Who Owns Drain Wig?

Gifford and Jennifer Briggs, parents of 5 long-haired girls no less, accidentally invented the Drainwig.

Jennifer was a stay-at-home mom to 5 daughters with no prior business or entrepreneurial experience, but she spent much effort in experimenting with new prototypes and improving the design for the product in their own shower at home.

Founder’s Story

When a piece of dental floss got stuck in the shower drain, and once they noticed and pulled it up, they saw all the hair that came up with it, the idea was born. After much work perfecting the design and figuring out all the production and sales partners.

The Drainwig has won many awards including the 2013 National Hardware Show Innovation Gold Award, and being voted by The TODAY Show viewers as one of 2013’s next big “Bright Ideas”.

Jennifer Briggs herself has spoken at many events such as big conferences and trade shows that she never would have dreamed of speaking at but she and her husband have learned so many invaluable lessons along this Drainwig journey such as being open to input and suggestions and having a desire to give back to those who could most benefit from the help they can now provide from their successes.

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