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DrainWig Update



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DrainWig is the clog-stopping, hair-catching drain plug that hopes to help you stop clogged drains and cut back on your plumbing costs. The DrainWig is made of a stainless steel chain with attached rubber whiskers that catch hair floating down your drain.

Unfortunately for the creative family of drain-cloggers, much of the earnings from their initial success went down the drain.

Nearly all of the $14 million in sales made through their infomercial went to the television network and not to them. Looking for a way out of their hairy situation, the family eventually made their way onto Shark Tank where they hoped a Shark would bite on the opportunity.

Since appearing in the Tank, DrainWig has sold millions in Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, QVC, Ace Hardware, Dollar General and Amazon.

DrainWig Reviews

Reviews for the DrainWig are mostly positive. However there have been a few complaints of rusted chains breaking off in drains, causing the very problems they were designed to avoid. But the DrainWig is meant to be replaced every 2-4 months. Leaving it in for longer could leave you with a hairy mess and a hefty plumbing bill.

DrainWig Alternatives

DrainWig was once the clog-stopping champ of bathrooms everywhere, until the viral success of the TubShroom. Today the TubShroom leads the way with its simple reusable silicone design.

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