Doorman: Package Delivery

Pitchscheduled last mile package delivery service
EntrepreneurZander Adell
Asked For $250,000 for 10%
Deal$250,000 for 12%
SharkRobert Herjavec
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Doorman?

Doorman is a company that works primarily through a downloadable app to your phone — iOS or Android. It allows customers to get their e-commerce shopping packages from any shipping provider delivered to a nearby Doorman warehouse; rather than their home address.

They can then arrange via Doorman for a convenient delivery time or collect it themselves if they don’t live far away.

The logic being that traditional shipping services used by e-commerce retailers don’t always work to a schedule and require separate UPS or FedEx apps to track it, or your parcel may get left unattended on your doorstep, vulnerable to theft.

Who is the Founder of Doorman ?

Founder and CEO Zander Adell established the company in 2011. A technical director at Pixar that worked on Toy Story 3 and Wall-E to name but a few.

After closing down Doorman in 2017, Zander subsequently went on to have success founding another app called Garden. It allows you to set push notification reminders in your contacts.

You can allocate time-frames (weekly, monthly) on how often you want to stay in touch with friends or family.

You can make notes on birthdays, the last time you chatted, and the last time you physically saw each other.

Founder’s Story

A big fan of Uber and other dot com technological advancements, Zander got the idea for the company when he missed a home delivery of a parcel one day.

He wondered aloud, “Why can’t this work similar to Uber, where you can just order it, track it, and have it arrive at a convenient time when you are home?”

So he began working on an app and was ready around 2014 with a beta version. Operating solely out of San Fransisco, and investing about $50,000 of his funds, Alex managed to garner about 300 subscribers; delivering 4000 packages over eight months of operational service.

His employee delivery drivers drove their personal cars, and his only overhead was the warehouse.

Alex felt there was massive potential to scale given the popularity of convenience-based apps and the rise in e-commerce.

Hoping to build warehouses nationwide, he started looking for investors to help him achieve that.

Business Model: How Does Doorman Make Money?

Business transactions largely take place via a smartphone app. Subscribers who sign up can either pay $3.99* per package delivery or opt for a monthly delivery fee of 19.99* with a set number of drop-offs taking place. *2015 prices quoted. Employees acting as subcontractors then use their personal vehicles to deliver the parcels.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Doorman Still in Business?

The company attracted investors and remained in business for a few years, expanding from San Fransisco to Chicago and New York. It has since closed as of 2017 citing financial issues.

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