Delighted By Hummus Shark Tank Update

PitchChickpea-based dessert flavored hummus
EntrepreneurMakenzie Marzluff
Asked For $600,000 for 12%
Deal$600,000 for 25%
SharkMark Cuban

Company Background

What is Delighted By Hummus?

The food industry seems to be more and more a world of copycats. There’s nothing wrong with that, and most would consider it a compliment.

What seems to be increasingly lacking, however, are foods that stand out in a crowd. It’s not easy to put together something that hasn’t been done already.

As far as healthy alternatives are concerned, this can be even more difficult. As people search for healthier ways to feed their families, the market is quickly becoming overrun.

But that didn’t stop Makenzie Marzluff from creating Delighted By, a dessert Hummus.

Like conventional Hummus, Delighted By Hummus is chick-pea based, but instead of traditional flavors like garlic or sun-dried tomato, Marzluff has incorporated sweet ingredients like chocolate and vanilla to create a healthy dessert that can be used as a dip, a spread, or eaten right out of the containers.

While it may not be unique these days, do a quick Google search, and you will find several different recipes to replicate it.

When Marzluff created it, it was one of a kind. She wasn’t the one doing the copying. She’s the one being copied.

Who is the Founder of Delighted By Hummus?

Delighted By Hummus was founded by Makenzie Marzluff, a seasoned entrepreneur and former Pilates instructor and certified nutritionist whose love for healthy, nutritious snacks lead to the creation of dessert-flavored hummus.

Today, Mackenzie continues to actively work towards growing the business.

Founder’s Story

Makenzie Marzluff was no stranger to food when she first started. Having been trained in culinary arts, she grew up watching The Food Network while dreaming of one day opening her restaurant. She then took that desire to study nutrition and the entrepreneur in her led to starting a few different businesses, including a Pilates studio, a nutrition consulting business, and a smoothie bar. Makenzie was quick to learn what would work and what wouldn’t in the business world, but she was left feeling as if she needed something more.

Makenzie took a year to find herself and begin a personal transformation. During that time, she realized that it was not about what she does in life, but how she does it. When she returned to her home in Phoenix after that year’s transformation, she began applying her newfound theory in the kitchen.

The idea of Delighted By wasn’t new to her, having put something similar together for a super bowl party, but the idea of creating it so that others could have access to a healthier dessert was. She knew that it would be a good way to shed a positive light on others.

A week later, she began selling her hummus at local farmer’s markets and planned to eventually have it in major stores around the country. She knew that would be a hard task to accomplish, but let nothing stand in her way, living in a van and sleeping on coolers full of the hummus for four months while driving from store to store promoting her product.

Her determination began to pay off. Before her appearance on Shark Tank, Delighted By was already in 1200 stores across the country, including places like Wegmans, WalMart, and Whole Foods, and had hit $1 million in sales after just 13 months.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Delighted By Hummus Still in Business?

After being on Shark Tank, Delighted By became an overnight success, using Mark’s business savvy to quadruple brand awareness.

Interest came on so quickly and at such a large scale that Mackenzie hired an entire crew to help her keep up with demand.

The dream Makenize had of Delighted By becoming a nationally distributed product is quickly becoming a reality.

The product is currently sold out on the Desserted By website, but can still be found in many other retail stores like Walmart, Acme, Target, Good Food Grocery, and Publix.

In the year following the deal with Mark Cuban, sales have climbed to over $5 million, five times what they were before the deal with those numbers projected to keep increasing as the business expands.

The result; thanks to her incredible determination and a good deal on Shark Tank, in a couple of short years, Makenzie has managed to accomplish her goal of being the first dessert hummus to be sold nationwide.

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