Define Bottle: Infuser Bottle

PitchFruit infuser water bottle
EntrepreneurCarter Kostler
Asked For$100,000 for 20%

Company Background

What is Define Bottle?

The Define Bottle is a regular water bottle with a special twist, it helps you infuse the flavorful taste of fresh fruit.

Its sole purpose is to allow both children and adults the ability to enjoy tasty, natural, healthy refreshments and offers an alternative to the sugar-filled artificially flavored drinks so common on the market.

Who Founded Define Bottle?

Carter Kostler from Virginia Beach is the founder of the Define Bottle, an invention he came up with while only 15 years old and in high school at the time.

In 2016 Carter enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he presently still serves.

Founder’s Story

Carter came up with the idea for Define Bottle as a way to offer kids his age in high school a tasty alternative to the sugar-filled drinks he often saw in the school cafeteria.

After receiving a sizeable loan from his parents, who had to re-mortgage their house, and weighing in at $300,000, Carter got to work on bottle designs, production, and distribution. Within his first four operational months running the business, he managed to bring in $65,000 in sales — some of which was impressively attributed to cold calling senior managers at major retailers, who in turn managed to sell out their allocated inventory of Define Bottle in hours.

To help scale the business, increase the production, and also assist in repaying his parent’s sizeable loan, Carter starting looking for investors to help him grow the business.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did Define Bottle Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Carter Kostler appeared in Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 20, seeking $100,000 for 20% ($500,000 valuation) for his company, Define Bottle, but left the Tank without a deal.

Is Define Bottle Still in Business?

Despite having some impressive early success along with reputable business partnerships, tallying his sales totals to well over $1 million in a few short years, Carter closed down the business in 2015, although some of his products are still for sale on Amazon.

In 2016, Carter introduced the Mason Infuser, a new product for which he raised funds through crowdfunding on Kickstarter, but not much else has been done with the project since then. Nonetheless, with his creative talents and passion for entrepreneurship, Carter is sure to have another success around the corner.

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