Dare-U-Go Bib



silicone baby bib plate with multiple compartments


Lisa D’Amato


$350,000 for 10%


$350,000 for 50%


Barbara Corcoran



Company Background

What is Dare U Go?

Dare U Go is a handy 5-in-1 storage bib that’s easy to fold when not around your toddler’s neck. It folds well enough into an airtight container that keeps food fresh and safe, plus it has 5 compartments for each item. The Dare U Go is both dishwasher and microwave safe for convenience.

Who Founded Dare U Go?

Dare U Go began when former top model star Lisa D’Amato became a single mother of two. She knew the hassles faced by parents and toddlers when it came to meals and had a plan for a hands-free approach to meals for toddlers.

Founder’s Story

Lisa D’Amato rose to fame after she won America’s Top Model back in 2017. She soon had two children of her own and became busy as a mother. She began to see the struggles of other single parents and had an idea that developed into a business venture.

Lisa D’Amato started her business shortly after motherhood when she began a Kickstarter campaign that would give her a good start. She soon raised about $37,511 and her business started shortly afterwards.

D’Amato began making sales on her new product roughly one year after becoming America’s Top Model. Her entrepreneurial prowess was inspired by the history of the bib as something that caught food and drink before it landed on clothes. She wanted to take it a step further. Her plan was to eliminate food waste, and in time, the product soon worked. Business was growing but Lisa was ready to take the business to the next level. In 2018, Lisa auditioned for Shark Tank and several months later, her pitch aired in Season 10 Episode 17.

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