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Daisy Cakes Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchAuthentic, hand-sifted, homemade cakes
EntrepreneurKim Nelson
Asked For$50,000 for 25%
Deal$50,000 for $1 royalty per cake until $50,000 is repaid
SharkBarbara Corcoran

Company Background

What is Daisy Cakes?

Daisy Cakes is a dessert company known for their southern style and homemade touch. Based in South Carolina, each and every cake is made by hand, fresh to order, and is shipped all across the United States. The company currently offers four layer cakes and “Cake in a Jar” Minikins as well as gluten-free and vegan options. Some of their flavors include Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, South Carolina Peaches and Cream, and Chocolate & Marshmallow Fluff. A recipe book is additionally offered on their website for those interested in pursuing bakes of their own.

Who Owns Daisy Cakes?

Daisy Cakes was founded by South Carolina native Kim Nelson. Before starting her company, Kim received her bachelor’s degree in history from Wofford College. As a college student, she was an active member of Kappa Delta Sorority, participated in cheerleading, and frequently volunteered her time to charitable causes within the local community. Her volunteerism included working at the local soup kitchen and at an organization called Halter For Life, which provides horse therapy to individuals with disabilities.

Founder’s Story

Despite Kim’s wide array of interests and passions while a college student, she may not have initially envisioned a future career in business. Rather, the joy she received from making people happy neatly aligned with her family’s generational history of baking; and the popularity of her family’s recipes is what ultimately led to her founding her company, Daisy Cakes. Her goal from the beginning has been to authentically share her family’s southern style of desserts, dedication to farm-fresh ingredients, and love for rich, delicious, share-worthy cakes.

What Happened to Daisy Cakes After Shark Tank Update

Is Daisy Cakes Still in Business?

As of today, Daisy Cakes remains open for business and growing exponentially. The company recently partnered with online marketplace Goldbelly in order to expand their reach, accessibility, and consumer base, and thus far the move appears to be financially fruitful. Between working in the kitchen and shipping out orders, Kim and her Daisy Cakes team continue to develop new flavor options and cake varieties and they look forward to one day being able to ship their desserts worldwide.

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