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Cubicall – Phone Booth – Update



modern office phone booth for privacy and productivity


Nick Pucci and Anthony Pucci


$350,000 for 10%


$350,000 for 25%


Barbara Corcoran



Cubicall is a top-rated company that produces customized privacy and isolation booths. If you are looking to have phone booths and isolation solutions, look no further. The isolation rooms are crucial, especially in isolating patients, to curb the spread of infections. Additionally, if you desire to have privacy in your office, the booth is one of the best options for you.

It is a contrast to the modern and typical open office plan. You can engage in your confidential meetings without worrying about interruptions and lack of privacy. The booths are soundproof and are easy to install. Whether you want bright or dark colors- it is up to you! How cool is that?

Thus, you will improve your productivity at work. There are also isolated workspaces that have petitioning and divisions. The benefit of having this solution is that you will have minimal contacts and noise interferences. On the other hand, you will still have close integration with your colleagues. Furthermore, you can have tailor-made designs that open with a bifold door.

When Nick Pucci and Anthony Pucci, the proprietors, started their marketing agency, they identified the need for privacy. If they wanted to make calls, it would prove to be too loud for the colleagues- a business idea was born. Upon creating one cubicall for their office, clients made use of it, and more orders began streaming in.

Nick and Anthony made the appearance in the shark tank. The business pitch was the expansion of modern office phone booths to enhance workers’ privacy and productivity. Seeking $350,000 in exchange for the shark’s 10% stake on ownership.

While renowned business tycoon Kevin made the duo an offer of $350,000 and a 10% stake, he requested additional royalty, which Nick and Anthony found limiting. The fee would involve a payout of $100 for every booth sold. After attaining $1,500,000, the royalty payout would be $50. However, luck was on their side with Barbara Corcoran’s offer for $350,000 in exchange for 25% equity stake ownership.

With more capital, Cubicall’s sales have risen over the last year, surpassing the $500,000 mark. The duo hopes more sales and profit margins with people’s need to have privacy in their offices. Another competitive edge is that Cubicall is the only company offering the bi-fold doors.

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