Cubicall: Office Phone Booths

PitchModern office phone booth for privacy and productivity
EntrepreneurNick Pucci and Anthony Pucci
Asked For$350,000 for 10%
Deal$350,000 for 25%
SharkBarbara Corcoran

Company Background

What is Cubicall?

Cubicall offers its clients customized phone booths, workspaces, and isolation solutions. They cover three sectors: offices, schools, and healthcare suppliers. In addition, they provide study alcoves, meeting rooms, consultation rooms, and even a novel, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Phone Booth. Primarily designed for the office space, it gives employees the chance to have a private meeting or phone call in an open office space.

Who Owns Cubicall?

Nick Pucci and Anthony Pucci, two dynamic brothers, co-founded Cubicall in 2017. Nick attended California State University-Northridge, where he studied marketing, a career he pursued. He remains with the company. Likewise, brother Anthony has almost identical credentials. He, too, is still with the company.

Founder’s Story

The brothers came up with the design concept when the need for a soundproof phone booth in their office arose. They were jointly running a marketing company in an open-plan office at the time and sometimes having to step outside or stay home when taking calls from important clients.

Being unable to find a design on the market, they decided to make one. With a prototype installed at their office, they soon began getting interest from clients who’d stop by for a meeting, asking if they too couldn’t get one.

After refining their prototype and manufacturing them in LA, they managed to sell $500,000 worth of it over the space of 12 months. Then, seeking to scale, they began to look for investors.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Cubicall Still in Business?

The company remains in business, with headquarters in LA. Given the new standard thanks to COVID, demand has grown, generating $1 million in sales since workers began returning to the office, under safer conditions.

Accordingly, you can only order self-install parts online or through an accredited dealer and installer when it comes to bigger or customized jobs. The website offers dealers the opportunity to apply.

They also helped frontline doctors and nurses during COVID by providing isolation pods and a iCubicall Testing Booth—a patient testing booth with anti-microbial and chemical resistant surfaces and iris glove ports.

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