Cropsticks: Bamboo Chopsticks

Pitchsustainably produced bamboo chopsticks
EntrepreneurMylen Fe Yamamoto
Asked For$75,000 for 12.5%
DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
StatusIn Business

Company Background

What is Cropsticks?

The company Cropsticks, as you’ve probably guessed, sells chopsticks but with a planet-conscious twist. Their chopsticks are made of harvested bamboo and entirely biodegradable, thereby protecting the environment and reducing disposed plastic in the ocean, or Asia’s forest tree’s being felled to produce wooden ones.

The unique selling point is that you can also use the top-end piece you break off as a built-in handy rest for the eating utensils in between mouthfuls.

Who Owns Cropsticks?

The founder of Cropsticks is Mylen Fe Yamamoto, who created the company in 2015. She is of Japanese-Filipino heritage and grew up in Hawaii.

A graduate of California State University, at the time of conceiving the company idea, Mylen was a clinical professor teaching entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University.

Today, Mylen remains in her position as CEO while also working as a talent manager for another one of her company’s which helps digital stars grow their careers.

Founder’s Story

All it took was a long flight to Asia, turbulence, airline food, and nothing but time on her hands to conceive a successful business. To Mylen’s annoyance, her plastic chopsticks kept rolling off the backrest tray and falling on the floor.

Pondering why there couldn’t be a handy holder, along with her vision for a greener future for the next generation, she began conducting more research.

Finally, after raising $21,816 on Kickstarter in early 2016, she decided to pursue her idea full-time as a business.

She soon went into production with 3D printed prototypes and snagged a high figure and lucrative purchase order from an Asian food distributor. However, she needed extra capital to begin production in earnest to fulfill this deal and started looking for an investor.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did Cropsticks Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 20, Mylen Fe Yamamoto entered the Tank seeking $75,000 for 12.5% but unfortunately left without a deal.

Is Cropsticks Still in Business?

The company remains in business with an active website. Since its inception, Mylen has brought on other partners, some of whom are friends, to help run the business. Cropsticks are now being made under Mylen’s parent company Cropmade as of 2017.

Their aim is to produce a line of sustainable goods for Asian cuisine, this being its first product offering.

With a patent gained in 2018, Cropsticks can now be found at over 250+ restaurants, hotels, and retailers and be purchased online at their website, where you can order specially branded customizations.

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