Cougar Energy Drink Shark Tank Update

Pitch Energy drink for women who identify as cougars
Entrepreneur Ryan Custer
Asked For $150,000 for 30%

Company Background

What is Cougar Energy Drink?

Ryan Custer loves cougars and no, not the wild cat. Ryan loves confident, independent, women of a middle age and that’s why he created Cougar.

Cougar is the first gender-specific functional beverage on the market. It’s a specially formulated blend of green tea and noni packed with vitamins and fruit extracts designed to help empower the older, successful, independent woman in life with a boost of energy and passion, while aiding in weight loss and hormonal balance.

Who Owns Cougar Energy Drink?

Cougar Limited Energy Drink is the creation of Ryan Custer, a former surveillance analyst from Texas. Ryan has since parlayed his business experience in the consumer beverage industry into a consulting business, Custer’s Creations, where he helps smalls businesses and online retailers with information technology and creative services.

What Happened to Cougar Energy Drink After Shark Tank Update

Is Cougar Energy Drink Still in Business?

Ryan hustled for years to get the company off the ground. He had a few media appearances including the Steve Harvey Show and the MTV Movie Awards which helped boost his sales. But the beverage industry is one of the most difficult to break into and having a very niche product branded around a term with mixed connotations, makes it all the more difficult.

Today, Custer’s Cougar energy drink is no more and was eventually shut down in 2014. The Cougar drink website is no longer active but now redirect’s to his personal site which lists his contact information and other endeavours.

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1 thought on “Cougar Energy Drink Shark Tank Update”

  1. I actually enjoyed his pitch. I thought it was funny but still respectful.

    Now would I go buy a Cougar Energy drink?
    Probably not. I’m not really into energy drinks anyway but I do like the health benefits of this one.

    Sorry to see it didn’t work out but I’m also not too surprised. Great pitch, great guy, wrong product.


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