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Cornucopia Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Pitchhigh quality pet food supplements and meals
Entrepreneur Dr.Geoffrey Broderick and Kristina Broderick
Asked For $300,000 for 25%

Company Background

What is Cornucopia Pet Foods?

Cornucopia Pet Foods is a pet food company that strives to give your furry friends the best meal for them. They offer a variety of canned food for both dogs and cats. They focus on each type of food having quality ingredients to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.

Who Founded Cornucopia Pet Foods

Dr. Geoffrey Broderick, aka “Doc”, is a veterinarian whose approach to pet food is to deliver delicious and healthy options for your pet. Dr. Broderick started Cornucopia Pet Foods in 1969 and has no plans of slowing down now. Doc has been a pioneer in pet nutrition and preventative approaches to help animals live a healthy and longer life. All of Cornucopia Pet Food’s products are organic and Doc even taste tests the meals himself before they hit the market.

Founder’s Story

Doc is now a world renowned veterinarian, but before making waves on Shark Tank, he was just a loyal and dedicated veterinarian who wanted to make a difference in the lives of his pets, his patient’s pets, and pets around the world. He sought to create pet food and supplements that can help pets live longer or at least keep them healthier throughout their life. Doc stands firm on the statement that if you wouldn’t eat the food you’re serving your pet, then you shouldn’t feed it to them.

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