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Cool Wazoo Shark Tank Business

Cool Wazoo Shark Tank Summary

EpisodeSeason 4 Episode 8
BusinessMulti-functional heat resistant changing pad
EntrepreneurGinelle Mills
Asked For$65,000 for 20%
Accepted Offer$65,000 for 25%
SharkLori Greiner
Business StatusIn Business
Net Worth

Company Background

What is Cool Wazoo?

The Cool Wazoo is a stylish and compact multipurpose cover designed for new parents who are on the go. The Cool Wazoo functions as a 5 in 1 diaper changing pad, and can also be used as a car shade, highchair cover, shopping cart cover and a park swing cover.

Who is the Founder of Cool Wazoo?

The Cool Wazoo was founded by mother and business owner Ginelle Mills in 2009. Prior to starting her own business, Ginelle worked as project director for Cooper Roberts Research an assisted major food companies in testing new products on prospective customers. Today Ginelle is the CEO of Cheerful Child LLC.

Founder’s Story

The inception of The Cool Wazoo took place when Ginelle was visiting a park with her daughter and a metal park swing burned her daughter’s skin. While searching for a product to cover the swing, Ginelle noticed that her diaper bag was stuffed full of individual plastic covers including a shopping cart cover, a highchair cover, a car shade, and a changing pad. This is when Ginelle first envisioned The Cool Wazoo, she wanted to invent a convenient and durable 5 in 1 product that could easily be folded and stored in a diaper bag. As a mom herself, Ginelle made the Cool Wazoo to save busy parents time and money. Whereas other baby products only last a few months, The Cool Wazoo is both large and long lasting so that it can grow with your child. It is designed to make life easier and safer for parents and children.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Is Still in Business?

In 2011, Ginelle licensed The Cool Wazoo to the brand Comfort and Harmony. Ginelle is now founder and CEO of Cheerful Child LLC, home to Blew Bubble, Box Partie, and The Cool Wazoo. The Cool Wazoo can still be purchased online or at Baby’s R Us stores around the country.

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