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Company Background

What is Coconut Girl?

Coconut Girl is a paleo frozen cookie sandwich designed for the health-conscious, active, and outdoors lady (or guy). It’s made from natural sugars, organic coconut cream, and is dairy and gluten-free. So it’s the ideal guilt-free treat for those that like to watch their waistline but enjoy tasty natural desserts. Coconut Girl primarily sells to retailers but also sells branded apparel on their website.

Who Owns Coconut Girl?

Coconut Girl founder, Francheska (Frankie) Yamsuan, describes herself growing up facing common teenage girl concerns over her weight and being self-conscious of her body image. She became obsessed and would train three hours a day to keep the weight off. It changed when she moved to LA in her 20’s and took up Crossfit. At the same time, she also started to learn more about the paleo diet. These two things revolutionized her mindset and, she started paying more attention to her diet, especially when consuming so-called “sugar-free” products.

This new approach in lifestyle led to creating her own healthier alternatives of her favorite treats. She remains active in the business, handling almost all aspects. She’s employed an additional packer to let her focus more on the marketing side, etc. And she hopes to start selling her products nationwide across the US as soon as possible.

Founder’s Story

The idea for Coconut Girl grew as Frankie started spending more time in her kitchen. One day she decided to mix dates with coconut milk and put the final result in her ice cream maker. Frankie enjoyed the taste, as did her friends who started ordering it. She bought an ice cream cart and started selling her ice cream at fitness events within her community. Soon, what initially began as a hobby, creating healthier variants of her favorite desserts, became her business. While selling her homemade ice cream, she began to notice that ice cream cookies were becoming popular.

So using paleo diet principles and her newfound culinary skills, she set about making her own healthier ones. It wasn’t long after this that she was approached by local stores asking to stock her healthy variant ice cream cookies. And she even managed to get picked up by Whole Foods, which would become her largest account.

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