Clean Bottle

PitchEasy wash BPA-free water bottle with removable bottom
Entrepreneur David Mayer and Bill Walton
Asked For $60,000 for 5%
Deal $60,000 for 8%
Shark Mark Cuban
StatusAcquired, In Business

Company Background

What is Clean Bottle?

Cleaning water bottles always seems like an impossible task. Despite having the intention to clean out every part of the bottle, some parts will be left, leading to bacteria buildup. Clean Bottle is the solution to this problem. You can easily unscrew both ends of the bottle for proper scrubbing.

Who Owns Clean Bottle?

David Mayer is the inventor of Clean Bottle. Before launching Clean Bottle, he had worked for various companies, including Goldman Sachs, Juniper Networks, and Cisco. He stopped his association with Clean Bottle when he sold the company in 2018. He is currently the Vice President of Operations and Marketing at AllStripes.

Founder’s Story

David was inspired to create the bottle as a solution to cleaning traditional water bottles. He took out patents to protect Clean Bottle from being used by other companies to leverage on his invention. This effectively meant that only his company could produce the bottles.

After creating Clean Bottle, David realized that he had maxed his money in the investment. Therefore, he didn’t have adequate funds to market his product effectively. He creatively used this challenge to find a unique marketing scheme.

David picked Tour de France as an event to give Clean Bottle the publicity it needed to grow. He dressed up as a Clean Bottle mascot and was featured alongside the bikers. The idea was a masterstroke as it gave Clean Bottle the worldwide publicity that came with the event.

The deliberate stunt earned Clean Bottle around $750000 in sales. The company made $70,000 in a fortnight and got the opportunity to be stocked in several outlets.

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