PitchCat toilet training kit
EntrepreneurRebecca Rescate
Asked For$100,000 for 15%
Deal$100,000 for 20%
SharkKevin Harrington

Company Background

What is CitiKitty?

Herding cats is an impossible task, but potty training them certainly is possible. Citikitty offers urban-dwelling cat owners an innovative solution to train their feline companions to use the toilet with a specially designed seat. With Citikitty’s ingenious invention, smelly and unsightly litter boxes become a thing of the past.

Who Founded CitiKitty?

Rebecca Rescate, the founder of Citikitty, is an illustrious entrepreneur from Bristol, Pennsylvania, who foundered and co-foundered six businesses. From a young age, she realized her passion was with consumer goods. She achieved a degree in graphic design and worked in marketing for a software company, but it wasn’t for her.

Founder’s Story

In 2004 Rescate, her husband, and her cat Samantha moved into a 500 square foot New York apartment. Having nowhere in their small space to put her cat’s litter box, Rescate decided she’d train her cat to use the toilet.

Rescate knew it was possible to potty-train her cat because she’d come across many success stories of well-trained felines using improvised toilet devices. The problem she faced was a lack of reliable training kits and products for the job.

Rescate figured she could make the training process simple. She also realized many other people likely faced the same problem but don’t have much time to spend training their cats to use the toilet. With this in mind, she created the first cost-effective training kit that was simple to use.

Citikitty successfully launched soon after and later appeared on Shark Tank, where Rescate negotiated an investment deal to fund her sales and marketing efforts.

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