Chord Buddy: Guitar Learning System

Pitch Guitar chord learning system and tools
EntrepreneurTravis Perry
Asked For$125,000 for 10%
Deal$175,000 for 20%
SharkRobert Herjavec

Company Background

What is Chord Buddy?

Chord Buddy provides guitar and ukulele lovers of all ages with a versatile way of learning to play both instruments. Learning to play the guitar can be frustrating and painful. Chord Buddy’s innovative self-teaching device easily attaches to the guitar’s neck and takes the pain and difficulty out of learning.

Who Owns Chord Buddy?

Hailing from Dothan, Alabama, Travis Perry is the owner and inventor of Chord Buddy. He attended Troy University before becoming a music teacher and guitarist. Perry’s success story is remarkable because he was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy before embarking on a business venture that made millions in sales.

Founder’s Story

As a guitar teacher, Perry is all too familiar with the usual gripes of learning to play the guitar. Beginners complain that it’s not only challenging but is also quite painful for their fingers. His eight-year-old daughter was ready to quit the guitar for the same reasons.

Perry decided to do something about his daughter’s, and many other novice players’ irritation with the guitar. Using his expert knowledge of the stringed instrument, he began developing a device and system that would eventually become Chord Buddy.

Chord Buddy as a business expanded to include a variety of song and lesson books, accessories, and an instructional DVD together with a two-month lesson plan. Perry went from using the guitar to attract the opposite sex to establishing a successful business based on the instrument.

What Happened to Chord Buddy After Shark Tank Update

Is Chord Buddy Still in Business?

Taking Guitar Hero to the real thing, Chord Buddy, the company that makes it fun to learn how to play the guitar, is still in business. Customers can purchase its products from the website to retailers across the US. It’s also available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

The company now has a wide range of products, from books to string tuners and color-coded learning aids for adults and children alike. Customers can opt for the DIY approach with instructions on DVDs, and the website also allows guitar teachers to sign up and get certified for using the aid in classrooms. Customers can also make use of downloadable apps to further increase their learning. Headquartered in Dothan, Alabama, the founder, Travis Perry, is still the company’s CEO.

Chord Buddy dominates the market in terms of guitar learning system aids for attaching it directly to the guitar. However, the only other way absolute beginners could learn to play the guitar in a fun and interactive course is the, as mentioned earlier, Guitar Hero series of video games available on Playstation and Xbox with various color-coded guitar controllers.

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