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Chirps Chips



high-protein chips made from ground crickets


Laura D’Asaro and Rose Wang


$100,000 for 7%


$100,000 for 15%


Mark Cuban



Company Background

What is Chirps Chips?

Most people cringe at the thought of eating bugs but Chirps Chips are trying to change that. Chirps Chips are a high-protein snack made from cricket flour. Not only are the chips delicious and gluten free, each bag is loaded with 5g of protein per serving and is made from sustainably harvested crickets.

Who Owns Chirps Chips?

Laura D’Asaro, Rose Wang, and Meryl Natow founded the Chirps brand. Laura and Rose were college roommates at Harvard University. Laura was studying Business and Rose was studying Psychology. Laura has gone on to get a Masters in Business from Stanford. All three friends have spoken at various events and conferences and both Laura and Rose have been awarded the Forbes 30 under 30 prize, an award for successful and upcoming entrepreneurs.

Founder’s Story

Many other countries and cultures eat insects and it is totally socially acceptable. Don’t think in a western, rich ideal that it must be because third-world countries don’t have enough money to eat better protein sources.

That is not true. Insects, and particularly crickets, are much more sustainable but also a better source of nutrition and protein.

Laura and Rose had two separate experiences in China and Tanzania respectively, where they ate scorpions and caterpillars and when they met back up in the United State they shared their separate experiences.

Laura also came across a United Nations report promoting edible insects as a main contributor to food security and sustainability for the world. The college roommates decided to run with the idea. To create a product with a real goal of helping the environment and all of the future inhabitants of the planet was a real fight to get behind.

The biggest challenges starting off were trying to find the right manufacturer to partner with them. They talked to over 400 companies before finding the right fit to produce a milled cricket flour for use in their products.

They also struggled getting the Board of Health on board but worked closely with them until everyone was satisfied with the proper health and safety. Chirps now sells more than tortilla chips in a variety of flavors but also cricket protein powders and cookie mixes.

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