Chill Soda

Pitch low calorie, vitamin-infused carbonated beverages
Entrepreneur Dan Mackey
Asked For $50,000 for 10%
Deal$50,000 for 20%
SharkBarbara Corcoran
StatusOut of Business

Company Background

What is Chill Soda?

Chill Soda was a soft beverage that was touted to replace traditional soda. Chill Soda boasted of having low sugars and calories, but was refreshingly tasty and nutritious. Chill Soda came in four flavors; Chill Kola, Chill Pome, Chill Guava, and Chill Lemon. Chill Soda also claimed that the products were natural, and no preservatives were used.

Who Owns Chill Soda?

Dan Mackey is credited for creating Chill Soda. It is also rumored that Dan’s sister might actually be the creator of Chill Soda. Before his entrepreneurial journey, Dan was a marketer. It is hard to tell whether Chill Soda is still being sold in the market. However, what is known is that Dan is currently running Second Trade, which he founded in 2019.

Founder’s Story

Dan was motivated to start Chill Soda after getting information from his family member, who incidentally were teachers, who told him that the schools had banned traditional soda. The schools replaced these sodas with alternative brands that were even unhealthier.

Chill Soda was supposed to create a healthier option while ensuring the taste was not compromised. As mentioned before, Chill Soda was produced in four different variants. To show that the market needed this healthy product, Chill Soda was able to amass sales worth $175000 even before getting to Shark Tank.

Unfortunately, Chill Soda could not withstand competition from the traditional soda brands and the alternative soda brands like La Croix that eventually edged it out of the market.

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  1. I am not the least bit surprised.. 1) the beverage market is brutal and needs a distribution network and shelf space. One has to play with the big boys .. sell the company to them. 2) the guy had no idea what he was doing. His ability to focus was obvious even in the show. After watching the show,I was certain it would never even become a company, even with Barbara’s support, focus and money.

    • You’re right Tom. Not sure why Barbara gave him an offer..

      You’d think Barbara was a lowkey gambler with some of the investments she’s made. 😂


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