Under Ease Charcoal Underwear

PitchCharcoal-infused underwear to help minimize the smell of flatulence
EntrepreneurBuck Weimer and Arlene Weimer
Asked For$55,000 for 25%

Company Background

What is Under Ease Charcoal?

If you have a bowel disease or have flatulence issues, then you need to buy yourself an Under-Ease garment to protect your loved ones from the odor you may be inadvertently omitting. Under-Ease is an underwear produced by Under-tec. Through their mantra, ‘Wear Them For The Ones You Love,’ Under-Ease are effective at eliminating bad smell.

Who Owns Under Ease Charcoal?

Buck Weimer and Arlene Weimer are the creators of the proprietary Under-Ease products. Before embarking on this great product, the husband-and-wife duo were psychotherapists.

Unfortunately, as posted on the official company website financial challenges has forced the company to cease operations after being in operations for twenty years.

Founder’s Story

Buck explained that he was motivated to find a solution to help people with bowel conditions like his wife Arlene who was suffering from Crohn’s disease. He noted that after particular thanksgiving dinner, Arlene’s gas had flared up so bad. So, he started experimenting on solutions to save his wife the embarrassment

With Arlene accepting to be the test subject, Buck tried different materials until he found that charcoal effectively combated the odor. Upon realizing that the product could work, he took out a patent to protect his invention. The Weimer’s then started Under-tec company, where they started selling the Under-Ease pants.

To show that the product had helped many people suffering from flatulence and bowel issues, Under-Ease pants experienced sales amounting to $37000 and the amount doubled with advertisement. Despite its efficacy, the company was plagued with financial constraints that have ultimately led to its closure.

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  1. I looks like they are not available on Amazon anymore. They owners where in their later years so I can guess what happened.


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