app for paying off student loans using spare change


Daniel Stelmach and Nick Skrzyniarz


$250,000 for 15%


$250,000 for 25%


Mark Cuban



Company Background

What is ChangEd?

ChangEd is an application designed to help students pay off their student loans. The application functions by linking to the user’s bank account and rounding their purchases up to the nearest dollar. It then collects that extra change until the balance reaches $100, where it automatically sends a payment to the user’s student loan servicer. This helps users not only pay off their student loans, but it helps them do so quicker – thus reducing the amount of interest they have to pay over time.

Who are the Founders??

ChangEd was founded by brothers Nick Sky and Dan Stelmach. Sky graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies. Shortly thereafter he began working as an Account Executive for High School Cube. He founded his first business in 2014 called Grow Landscaping and ran it until 2015. Stelmach graduated from DeVry University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration. He worked in sales for C.J. Wilson Mazda from 2014-2018. Today, Sky and Stelmach continue to run ChangEd as the business continues to be a raging success.

Founder’s Story

Sky and Stelmach are the definitions of the entrepreneurial spirit – they embraced the dirty work that needed to be done and didn’t think of themselves below it. The idea of ChangEd came to be after the brothers had both taken student loans out themselves. Once they began repaying their loans, they realized how inefficient the process was and became inspired to find a solution to the ever-increasing student debt crisis. The pair pulled their savings together and began working on the idea in 2016. They put countless hours into the idea, both while working full-time jobs. Their hard work paid off when they were able to launch their product in 2017.

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