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The Cereal Killerz Shark Tank Update: What Happened After Shark Tank?

PitchLas Vegas-based breakfast cereal bar
EntrepreneurJessica Burns and Jason Burns
Asked For$125,000 for 10%

Company Background

What is Cereal Killerz Kitchen?

Cereal Killerz Kitchen is a breakfast-cereal-themed restaurant with three locations in Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. The menu features 100 different cereals and 40 toppings, all of which can be used to customize ice cream, milkshakes, waffles, and iced coffees. Customers can also have events catered or attempt the cereal challenge for a chance to be on the wall of fame.

Who Founded Cereal Killerz Kitchen?

Before opening Cereal Killerz in 2019, owner Jessica Burns worked at an insurance company for 12 years. When she was fired for poor performance, a fact Jessica attributes to her hating her job, she decided to make a career out of something she loves: cooking.

Co-owner and husband Chris Burns spent part of his life homeless and struggled to read into adulthood, but then graduated college and wanted to start a business to support his family. The duo still own and operate three Cereal Killerz locations and hope to open more franchises.

Founder’s Story

Chris has always loved cereal as for meals and snacks. He shares this love with his daughter, who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. To keep the family from getting tired of cereal, Jessica began coming up with cereal-based treats and recipes. Chris then came up with the idea for a cereal bar and wrote it down in his notebook.

Ten years later, the couple opened the first Cereal Killerz location in Galleria at Sunset, making it the first cereal bar in Las Vegas. They then expanded their business to include shipping custom boxes of cereal all over the country.

What Happened After Shark Tank Update

Did the Cereal Killerz Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

On Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 3, Jessica Burns and Jason Burns enetered the Shark Tank seeking $125,000 for 10% for their cereal breakfast bar and cafe but unfortunately left the Shark Tank without a deal.

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  1. Advice to all the sharks: stop looking to Damon to invest in black owned businesses.

    White men and women–we can do better.

  2. Really like shark tank, but I am getting tired of the snide, rude remarks to Mr. Wonderful. The other sharks who do this need to realize how bad it makes them look, especially Lori. Seems like he gets knocked out of alot of offers because of them.


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