Cashmere Hair

Pitchhigh quality clip in hair extensions
EntrepreneurMelissa Barone & Rachel Bernstein
Asked For$45,000 for 15%

Company Background

What is Cashmere Hair?

Cashmere Hair is a company offering high-quality clip-in hair extensions that allow customers to have longer, thicker hair. Each extension is made from 100% Remy human hair, meaning the hair’s cuticle is still intact, creating a richer and fuller look. The extensions are able to be attached and styled within minutes and come in over 22 shades and length options.

Who Owns Cashmere Hair?

Cashmere Hair was launched in 2013 by Rachel Bernstein and Melissa Barone. Prior to the company’s launch, Barone worked as a Celebrity Hairstylist in Beverly Hills and Bernstein was a Makeup Artist and Model based in Hollywood. Today they both remain the CEOs of Cashmere Hair as the company continues to be a great success.

Founder’s Story

The idea of Cashmere Hair came to be when Bernstein and Barone wanted to have fuller hair for photoshoots but failed to find any high-quality hair extensions that suited their needs. This led them to think about other women who struggle with the same issue of not being happy with their natural hair and knew they had to find a solution. At that moment they became entrepreneurs, taking it upon themselves to create their own high-quality extensions. After lots of trial and error, they finally came up with what they were looking for and began wearing them in public. The compliments started to flood in, prompting them to launch Cashmere Hair. Their hard work was rewarded when the duo managed to sell $38k worth of products in just the first six months of business.

Cashmere Hair continues to be a success today and is one of the leading hair extension companies on the market. It’s currently selling its products on its website, maintaining a rating of roughly 4.5 stars across 4,705 reviews.

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